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  • You're tired of being TIRED all the time and not having enough energy to keep up with life
  •  You want to workout, but you have no time to get to the gym 
  •  When you finally DO make it to the gym, what do you even do?? 
  •  The small changes you might've made don't seem to be making a difference 
  •  Things that fit a while ago no longer fit, and you're tired of going up a size 
  •  You're unhappy with the way you look and feel 
  •  You keep trying a new plan just to give up on it in a week or two and go back to bad habits 
  •  You need to break the cycle!!!
Then You Need..
  • ​ Customised Workout plan that makes sense for your goals
  •  Simple, easy to follow workouts you can do anywhere
  •  A Nutrition plan that doesn't starve you or make you eat things you hate 
  •  Easy to follow steps to ingrain the right habits in your day-to-day life 
  •  A team to keep you accountable on a weekly basis 
  •  A community of people just like you working to see their lives changed!!
Real Members. Real Results.

"I have known Imani for a long time as a trainer and he is the best trainer you can find to help you with your goals and improv your health. Over the last 5 months of working with him I have gone from 242 lbs to 210 lbs loosing 32 pounds in total. He always encouraged and motivated me to chase my fitness goals and he also helps you be accountable to your commitment & stay focused. I would strongly recommend Imani as a personal trainer and wellness coach."
-Edwin J.

"I have been working with Imani at Wellness Corporation for more than a year. While Imani takes a very scientific approach to health and wellness, he also realizes that there are so many components and factors that go into an individual reaching their wellness goals. Over the past year we have mixed at different times, eating Keto and training with high reps as well as intermittent fasting, plant based eating and lifting heavier weights. In the process of figuring out what my individual body responds to we have learned that my body burns the most fat and builds the best muscle tone while I am eating a mostly plant based diet while also doing high rep. workouts. However, he is constantly making adjustments to get the best results so I do not stay in a plateau. I am a 49 year old female who was struggling to lose just 5 lbs on my own and I am happy to report that with his knowledge and approach to fitness, over the last year I am down 20 lbs and feeling great. I would highly recommend Wellness Corp. to anyone who wants to look good and feel great!!"
-Stephanie S.

"With Imani's knowledge and motivation, I was able to transform my body to exactly how I wanted. I have learned the importance of nutrition along the way as well so that I don't revert back to old habits. If you are looking for accountability, Imani is your trainer."
-Nia P.